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Impact of a Bad Muffler Bracket on Your Volkswagen and How to Solve It in Culver City

When you think of vehicle maintenance and repairs, drivers tend to look toward the essentials: oil, brakes, wheels, suspension, etc. While keeping these components in tip-top shape is important for the safety of your passengers and functionality of your vehicle, they are not the only parts that require occasional maintenance or even replacement. One of […]

Signs that Your Volkswagen’s MAF Sensor is Not Working

Your Volkswagen’s Mass Airflow sensor (or MAF sensor) is essential to ensuring the healthy function of your VW’s engine. As MAF sensors can vary between manufacturers and even between make and model, it is important to make sure only a Volkswagen specialist diagnoses any issues with your car. They will know the perfect way to […]

Leading Factors for Oil Sludge Build-Up in a Volkswagen

Volkswagens have been popular with drivers for generations. With distinctively classic designs like the Beetle and the Camper van, VW cars are as much a pop culture icon as they are fantastically practical and hardworking cars. They are unlikely to ever fail their owners. However, without the correct maintenance standards, even the most loyal of […]

Repairing the Half-Shaft Boot in Your Volkswagen

The Volkswagen is a durable vehicle that comes in a wide variety of style options. It’s comfortable and easy to drive, making it an ideal option for drivers everywhere. Although Volkswagen vehicles are strong and durable, they have their fair share of mechanical issues. One of the seemingly small, yet primary issues that drivers experience […]

Why Does Your Volkswagen’s ABS Module Fail in Culver City?

As newer models of Volkswagen vehicles come out, more parts are replaced with technological advances, making your driving experience safer and smoother all around. Though these upgraded features are better than the originals, they can still fail like any other part over time. A common problem with Volkswagen vehicles is the failure of the ABS […]

Reasons for Camshaft Seal Damage in Volkswagens

Volkswagen has produced historically significant and memorable vehicles over the years and is known around the world for their ingenuity and practicality. Even so, you still may run into issues every now and again, which is why it is important for owners to stay up to date on vehicle maintenance. The camshaft seal on your […]

Headlight Bulb Harness Failure in Your Volkswagen

Auto maintenance is often completely overlooked by drivers, but it can be helpful to prioritize maintenance tasks in terms of how problematic they can be for your safety on the road. Some maintenance tasks, such as brake repair work, is certainly of more immediate performance than exterior paint care, for instance. In Volkswagen vehicles, it […]