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At Import MotorWorx, all Volkswagen makes and models are welcomed by our trained staff. We’ve spent countless hours studying marketing trends and staying on top of the latest and greatest coming from the Volkswagen manufacturers, all so you can reap the rewards of our knowledge base. Volkswagens are the beasts of the road. They are one of the few luxury European vehicles that boast that some of their two-decades-old models are still going strong on the road today. That is a testament to their durability and the care and craftsmanship of its build. So, why take such a magnificent creature and place it in the hands of a dicey mechanic? Our auto repair shop is tailored specifically to the luxury European vehicle marketplace. All our updated equipment is categorically formatted and framed to fit every make and model that comes through our service doors. Even the layout of our shop caters to the shapes and sizes necessary for your vehicle to receive the best possible care we provide. Why? Because that is how passionate we are about affordable services and repairs for luxury European vehicles.