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There is no more recognizable German car than the Volkswagen. From its timeless Beetle design to its luxurious model, Phaeton, this German automotive company has proved that it can morph and change with the times. Not only does Volkswagen produce a reliable vehicle, but it keeps its customers in mind with perks like fuel efficiency while keeping style and sleekness at the forefront of its designs. As if the accolades couldn’t get any better, however, Volkswagen is one of the few manufacturers to still have vehicles from two decades ago still on the road. If that isn’t a testament to the kind of strength and care they are made with, I’m not sure what is. That is why it’s important for Volkswagen vehicles to find a European auto repair shop that takes the same kind of care and pride in its work. A vehicle as stout and resilient as a Volkswagen deserves the very best, which we provide here at Import MotorWorx. Don’t believe us? Call us at (310) 820-8822 and ask all the questions you wish!