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Just like your Porsche, our facilities and machinery are built to last. Our standard of care has set the bar for every other European auto repair shop around us, and none of them have yet to achieve the pristine standard that has become our baseline. Luxury European vehicles deserve nothing less than the best at all times, which is what we provide here at Import MotorWorx. Our diagnostic equipment pinpoints exact issues with a precision never seen in shops like ours. Our facilities are sterilized from top to bottom every day to keep you safe while visiting with us. Why? Because a vehicle with the kind of reputation that Porsche has created for itself requires pinpointed knowledge and specialized certifications to stay on top. Why give cutting-edge craftsmanship subpar services and maintenance? That only reduces the performance of a vehicle capable of so much more. Give your Porsche the care and treatment it has earned over the past five decades. Receive the best auto repair care California offers and book an appointment with us anytime at (310) 820-8822!