Oil Change in West Los Angeles, CA

European Import Oil Changes

In Southern California, cars have to handle the heat. Oil changes are the first service we recommend at Import MotorWorx when you come in with a foreign car because they are just that essential. Whether your priority is getting every bit of performance out of your engine, or every mile out of fuel, our technicians can help. Our team in Culver City, California, can provide oil changes and we only use full-synthetic oil that protects optimal engine performance. Not sure when to change the oil? Here are some of the most common signs of poor oil quality. If your vehicle exhibits any of the signs below, it may be time for your next check-up.

Dashboard Light: Because oil changes are such an important part of vehicle maintenance, they get their own designated light on your dashboard. This could illuminate as your vehicle passes certain mileages, or it could come on if your oil is prematurely aging in the engine. Of course, the way you drive your vehicle will also affect the frequency that it needs the oil changed.

Mileage: Even if your oil change light hasn’t come on, there’s another area of your dash that could alert you: your mileage. Manufacturers and technicians recommend regular oil changes every 3,000 in newer vehicles, and every 5,000 miles in vehicles over the 40,000-mile mark.

Smell: A more alarming signal is the smell of burning oil in the passenger area of your vehicle. Aging oil with many impurities can start to smell as it heats up in your engine.

Smoke: If your oil gets bad enough, it may begin to smoke under the hood or into the cabin. At this point, it has become an emergency repair, and we recommend stopping immediately and calling our team for support.

Visual Confirmation: Finally, the best method of diagnosing poor oil quality is by checking under the hood. New, effective oil is the color of pale honey and flows smoothly. Older oil is darker, full of impurities, and runs more slowly like molasses.

The condition of your oil shouldn’t be an out-of-sight-out-of-mind problem, because it is the lifeblood that keeps your engine turning over day after day. At Import MotorWorx, our technicians recommend regular oil changes as part of a preventative maintenance schedule that includes other services like wheel alignment and tire rotations. Call (310) 820-8822 today to schedule your service! European import vehicles need regular attention, so they don’t lose that performance edge from the moment you first drove it! Come by our shop today at 5879 Washington Blvd, Unit C. to speak to our technicians about oil changes and other services that can keep your engine in peak condition.