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It’s true. Here at Import MotorWorx, we believe every vehicle deserves a fair shot at staying in prime condition. Over time, wear and tear to luxury vehicles can become burdensome, both on the conscience and on the wallet. For over a century, European luxury vehicles have dominated the vehicular marketplace in a way domestic makes simply cannot compete. Their unbridled nature and sleek looks command attention with every mile you soar down the road. The power behind their engines is unmatched by any other in the industry. And if there is one thing European vehicle owners are known for, it’s cherishing and finding the value in the details. That kind of precision and passion deserves an auto repair shop that takes the kind of care that you do. Why? Because when you find an ASE-certified expert with a passion for repairing and maintaining your luxury vehicle, you can spend less time worrying. Spend more time enjoying the open road.