Brake Repair in West Los Angeles, CA

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In European import vehicles with reputations for performance and speed, our technicians are always eager to remind owners that brake health is just as important as any services performed on these vehicles. If you're going to be pushing your car to the limits of its capabilities, you're going to want brakes that can bring you safely back to a stop.

Luxury manufacturers like Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen have factory-standard maintenance schedules that are specified to their models. At Import MotorWorx in Culver City, California, we know that each driver is different, and their driving habits will affect how quickly their brakes wear down. Fortunately, almost all vehicles have the same warning signs that accompany failing brake health. If you experience any of these six common signs of brake failure, call our team of ASE Certified technicians today at (310) 820-8822 for brake repair.

Lights On: The most common alert our customers receive is the brake light on their dashboard. This light is most likely lit as a result of a timer or mileage threshold that has been reached. In cars with more advanced systems, the brake light could be responding to internal diagnostic equipment if it recognizes a fault.

Unexplained Noises: Hollywood movies turn up the volume on brakes squealing during blockbuster car chases, but vehicles driving on a regular basis should not create such excessive noise. If you experience squealing or grinding noises when you brake, this could indicate the surface of the brake pad is too worn to effectively slow your vehicle. These are the sounds of a great struggle!

Physical Shuddering: While they are trying desperately to slow your vehicle, brakes in poor conditions will make a lot of jerky, shuddering motions as the brake pads try to engage. You’ll experience decreased braking power, and you’ll find you’re holding the wheel a little tighter trying to keep it straight while braking.

Burning Smell: If your brakes are in bad enough shape that they are spinning instead of engaging to slow down your vehicle, they will be producing a lot of heat. If you experience a burning smell in or around your vehicle, especially while braking, this is most likely a symptom of poor brake health.

Internal Leaks: Unfortunately, not all signs of brake failure are as obvious as smoke or smells. Sometimes our customers come in stating their brakes are less effective, and it isn’t until our ASE certified technicians get under the hood that they identify a leak in the fluid lines. We’ll be the first to tell you if you have any doubts about your brakes’ ability to slow your vehicle to a safe stop, it’s time to come in to see the professionals.

In Culver City, California, vehicles are subjected to extreme conditions, heavy traffic, and the typical conditions that cause brake wear and other common issues. At Import MotorWorx, we encourage our customers to have regular brake repairs as part of their preventative maintenance program. Come by the shop today at 5879 Washington Blvd, Unit C. to discuss your vehicle needs with our highly skilled team of technicians.