MINI Repair in South Bay, CA

Maintenance for MINI Coopers

After ten years of vehicle repairs in Lawndale, California, our technicians still get a smile on their face when a new MINI pull into the shop. Something about a MINI screams fun family drives, trips with friends, and general cheeriness. At Import MotorWorx, we appreciate the spirit behind every MINI, while also recognizing that, like all vehicles, they do have some flaws. If you notice lackluster performance in your vehicle, our technicians can identify the issue and get you back on the road safely. Call us today at (310) 370-2299 or use our online scheduling system to make your appointment.

Preventative Maintenance

MINIs are expected to be reliable. To stay that way, they need routine care just as much as any other vehicle would. Driving your MINI as though it’s immune to auto repairs will shorten its lifespan and lead to potentially large and expensive issues. On the other hand, visiting an import repair shop every now and again for maintenance service has the opposite effect. Our professional mechanics can help extend the lifespan of your MINI and keep it performing at its peak for every mile it’s on the road.

At Import MotorWorx, we recommend all vehicles get the same basic services, like oil changes, wheel alignments, brake repair, and so on. Not sure when exactly to visit a repair shop? You can find out by calling our team. Our experts can advise you based on the manufacturer recommendations for your vehicle and your individual driving habits. Depending on how you drive, you might need maintenance more or less often than the recommended intervals. Once you start your maintenance journey with us, we’ll keep track so we can send you reminders when it’s time for your next MINI service.

Why Choose Us

At Import MotorWorx, we want to match the luxury that our import vehicle owners have come to expect with their vehicles. That’s why we pay close attention to how we care for our customers and their cars. When you visit us for MINI repair or service, you don’t just get fast repairs and sent back out the door. We take the time to talk with drivers to better understand their driving habits and service needs. Listening to you helps us provide the best possible care for your foreign car. And when MINI service is complete, we take a moment to explain it all to you. We want you to feel confident in the care we provided.

When you need MINI repair you can trust, visit our Lawndale, California, location and our professional mechanics will be happy to help. We offer free shuttle service, after-hours drop off, and discounted rental rates if your repair will take a few days. Come by today at 4623 Artesia Blvd, Suite 2 to see our team and discuss your vehicle concerns.