Brake Repair in South Bay, CA

Brake Service for European Makes

At Import MotorWorx, our technicians take the time to learn about your vehicle and your driving habits so that we can tailor a maintenance plan to focus on your areas of improvement. If you experience a lot of traffic, very common while you're driving around Lawndale, California, the stopping and starting will put more wear onto your brakes over time. Make your next stop our shop at 4623 Artesia Blvd, Suite 2!

Brake Service for European Makes

Perhaps you and your Jaguar are quick off the line and slow to brake. Aggressive braking and late braking are equally as damaging for your vehicle. If you take your BMW on frequent road trips to the beach, you’ll want to look out for sand interference in your brakes. Regardless of how or where you drive your vehicle, every car has the same very clear signs that it’s time to check on your brake health. Our ASE certified technicians recommend all our customers learn the common signs of brake failure.

Signs You Need Brake Repair

How much attention do you give your car while driving? Using your sense to note your car’s performance can give you the cue you need to schedule brake repair. First, listen! If you hear squealing and squeaking when you come to a stop, that doesn’t make your car as cool as the one in the movies. That means the brake pads need to be replaced! Next, be on guard for strange smells. Burning smells, especially ones that get intense during braking, may point to excessive heat resulting from worn brake components. Another tip is to feel it out. Pay close attention to how it feels to press the brake pedal. Is it firm and resistant to your foot? Or does it easily slink to the floor? There might be an issue with the brake lines if your brake pedal is spongy. Lastly, and most obviously, respond to your car’s alerts if a dashboard warning light for your brakes is on.

Schedule Brake Service Today

Import MotorWorx won’t hesitate to tell you if your foreign car needs brake repair. That’s because the brakes are one of the most important components to keep you and your passengers safe. You need them to get around Lawndale, California, safely. When you’re ready to schedule brake repair with our professional mechanics, call us at (310) 370-2299 or use our convenient online scheduling system. We guarantee all repairs with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. We look forward to hearing from you soon!