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Personalized Maintenance Schedules

Preventative Maintenance. We’ve all heard the term when it comes to car care, but not everyone understands what it is or what it does. Essentially, preventative maintenance is anything an owner has done to a vehicle that prolongs its life or its need for repairs. Oil changes, air filter changes, wheel alignments, fluid top-offs, tire rotations, and the list of what services and repairs fall beneath this umbrella term. Because of that, many people can become overwhelmed with what has to happen and when. While your vehicle’s owner’s manual has a beautiful outline from the factory manufacturer for when to have certain services done, we all know that those manuals go missing sooner rather than later. That is why we offer personalized maintenance schedules that we upkeep in our system, so you don’t have to. Avoid those emergency blowouts and unnecessary repairs. Keep a set of ASE-certified eyes on your vehicle so that you know without a shadow of a doubt that your vehicle is safe for road operation. After all, who wants to be broken down on the side of the 405? No one, that’s who! That is why preventative maintenance is so important, and that is why we offer what we do. So, stop by and see us in Culver City at 5879 Washington Blvd, Unit C, Culver City, CA 90232 or in Lawndale at 4623 Artesia Blvd, Suite 2, Lawndale, CA 90260 today! Don’t go another second wondering whether or not your vehicle is safe.