What Should You Do If Your Audi Overheats

What Should You Do If Your Audi Overheats

Audi vehicles are renowned for their consistent performance and reliability with powerful engines that require the occasional service appointment to keep in perfect condition. One problem that can severely impact your vehicle is any instances of overheating. Overheating can wreak havoc throughout the engine and other systems of your car resulting in high repair costs or possibly the need for a brand new car. If you begin to notice your Audi temperature running hotter and in the event it does overheat while you are driving these tips will help you handle it with minimal damage.

Stay Prepared

First and foremost you should always keep extra coolant in your car in the event of overheating. The number one cause of engine overheating is low coolant levels so keeping coolant and a jug of water handy will help prevent long term damages that overheating can cause.

Watch The Temperature Gauge

As soon as you notice your temperature gauge rising into the red or a dashboard light turns on make sure to turn off your air conditioner. Running the air conditioner can put a lot of strain on the engine and will accelerate overheating.

Do Not Rush To Add Water

If your engine has overheated do not pour cool water onto the still-hot radiator. This can cause the entire engine block to crack due to the sudden change in temperature. If you must add water with the engine still warm then pour slowly with the car running either in neutral or in park. Also make sure to open your radiator cap carefully either using a cloth or waiting until it has cooled down so you can check the coolant levels. Make sure to avoid adding only water because your car needs a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water. Your car can run for a bit on only water but it is not recommended to do so any longer than it is absolutely necessary.

If You Are In Traffic

If you are in the middle of traffic when your Audi overheats then there are a few things you can do as long as you stay calm.

  • If you come to a stop in traffic then put the car in neutral and rev your engine. The revving will encourage water and airflow through the radiator and it will help to begin cooling it down.
  • If traffic is stop-and-go then try to creep forward instead of braking and accelerating. Braking excessively creates a lot of friction, which will only add to the heat under the hood and complicate matters more.

If None Of These Methods Work

If the coolant levels are full, there is no leak and revving your engine at idle isn’t helping then there is likely a larger, more severe problem. This usually means that either the thermostat is stuck or your car’s water pump is dead. You can check your water pump by turning on the heater and if the air comes out cool or ambient then there is a good chance that your water pump is completely dead.

Seek Service Immediately

Whether you are able to temporarily solve the problem or not overheating is a very serious issue. It can cause cracks in the cylinder head along with gasket issues that can in turn send coolant to the oil and be the beginning of the end for your engine. Fortunately it is relatively easy to maintain your cooling system with just 50/50 antifreeze and enough airflow to pull the heat out of the antifreeze. Routine service and maintenance will help alert mechanics to any developing problems and will hopefully prevent overheating from even occurring in the first place.

Keeping Your Audi Cool

In the event of overheating damage hitting your car or if you are hoping to solve the problem before it gets out of hand, the Audi specialists at Import Motorworx are here to get the job done. For years we have helped Audi owners throughout Culver City, CA keep their Audi running properly and damage-free by finding the cause of any problem quickly and accurately the first time. Our staff understands that when it comes to overheating it is crucial to be knowledgeable regarding potential causes and effects and that is why we make sure to stay up to date with each new Audi and their service specifications. This quality of service has made us the preferred Audi service center for drivers and with locations in both Culver City and Lawndale, CA it is possible to get dealership quality service done at a more affordable price throughout the SoCal area.

If you notice your Audi running hotter than it should then call Import Motorworx today. Our friendly staff will work to find a solution that fits your budget and helps to keep your car running like it should.

Written by Import MotorWorx