What Millennials Look For in Their New Cars

What Millennials Look For in Their New Cars

Contrary to popular belief most millennials are looking for long-term solutions in the way of buying homes and new cars. A continually growing percentage of millenials of become at least 35% of all new car auto loans, a trend that should only increase as the years pass. Making up such a large part of the market it is important to know what they are looking for in a new car and what features millenials want most.


Perhaps most important to them, just as with anyone buying a new car, millenials are looking for a low monthly payment. While the stereotype of a broke college student is simply not true a low monthly payment is just as important to them as it is to anyone else. Research shows that millenials will sacrifice some other amenities for the sake of a more affordable monthly payment.

Mobile Integration

As a generation that spends a considerable amount of time on their phones this one comes as no surprise. Mobile phone integration is a big selling point when it comes to buying a new car. Features like Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, navigation systems and satellite radio allow them to continue to be and feel connected even while out on the road. To most millenials technology isn’t necessarily an extra feature but more of an essential feature in their daily life.


When taking on a monthly payment you want to be sure that your car will be worth it and that you can depend on it for years to come. Manufacturers with reputations of reliability are continually near the top of most popular cars with millenials. The Honda Civic and Chevy Cruze are the two top sellers and both are available for under $20,000 and come with the reputation of being low-maintenance and reliable. Manufacturers’ integrating the latest technology into these vehicles is also helping to consistently push them past the competition.

Fuel Efficiency

While hybrid cars haven’t overtaken more conventional cars like the Civic or Corolla drivers are still looking to save at the gas station. Highly fuel-efficient cars are among the most popular with younger drivers that don’t want to consistently spend upwards of $30 each time they visit the pump. With most new cars averaging between 26-36 miles per gallon it is easy to see why these cars are so popular with younger drivers.

Plenty Of Space

Whether it’s room for more friends or extra storage many millenials are choosing crossover vehicles that add extra room to compact cars. Many manufacturers are trying to provide comfortable and affordable cars that fit these specifications with vehicles by Mazda and Kia offering two of the more popular crossover vehicles among drivers age 18-34.

The Truth From Salesmen

Studies also show that 85% of all millenials use the Internet for help with vehicle shopping and are substantially influenced by blogs or social networking sites. They have also shown to be heavily influenced by others so they will look to the reviews and testimonies of their peers when forming an opinion or preference on a new car. Millenials will also heavily judge the salesman they are working with and have been shown to reject obvious sales tactics or methods in preference for a more conversational approach.

No Matter What You Drive, Service Is Key

Once you choose a new car it is important to learn the maintenance and service schedules for the vehicle. Routine maintenance is a crucial part of ensuring your car is able to provide you with all of the above traits and qualities that millenials so covet. Import Motorworx understands the importance of service done right and that is what we deliver with each car that we work on. Specializing in European-made cars we offer dealership quality work at a more affordable price that makes maintaining your vehicle easier than anywhere else.

We understand millenials expect the most from their vehicles and our technicians are here to make sure that everything from fuel efficiency to the well-being of various components are taken care of with issues being corrected quickly. With two convenient locations, one in Lawndale, CA near Redondo Beach and the other in Culver City, Import Motorworx make it possible to get high quality service no matter where you are located throughout Southern California.

If your new car is in need of a service appointment and you are looking for reliable service please call us today and make sure your new car feels like new for years to come.

Written by Import MotorWorx