Tips to Identify a Failing Distributor in Your Car

Tips to Identify a Failing Distributor in Your Car

Purchasing a car is a big investment. Prior to making the purchase, you want to have a clear idea about simple parts and how they work. One such is the distributor system.

Commonly found in older cars, this system is responsible for the ignition. Without this important piece, your car may have issues starting up. This complex piece works with important parts like the engine, spark plugs, and caps. If you have a newer vehicle, this piece is replaced by individual coil packs.

Is This Issue Worth the DIY?

Some mechanical issues are easy to fix yourself. Although replacing your distributor may seem like an easy fix, there are complex pieces that go into making this work. Therefore, it’s suggested to let a trained professional handle this problem so as to avoid additional damage. You would hate to ruin your engine because of a missed part or mistake made during restoration, especially if this involves a broken spark plug or worse, an engine infiltration.

How to Tell If This Piece is Damaged

Since this works directly with your ignition, one of the primary clues of a damaged distributor is if your car doesn’t start. The distributor and the spark plugs work together to spark your ignition. Without this vital piece, the ignition is unable to operate. This alone is one of the key reasons to get your distributor replaced because without it, your car will not be able to drive.

Excessive stalling is another sign of distributor failure. Much like the above issue, if your engine is unable to get a good spark, it prevents the ignition from starting. If your car is stalling, this may be the beginning signs of ignition failure. It’s key to get your car checked out immediately so the problem doesn’t worsen.

Misfiring is a common problem with engines and can greatly impact how your car starts up. If your ignition isn’t getting the right amount of energy, it causes chronic misfires. Although this problem may seem minimal, it can result in irreversible engine damage. Although misfiring is common in people who recreationally push their engine’s capabilities, it’s dreadful for the health of your car. Under no circumstances should you push your vehicle beyond its limits. This will result in costly expenses and irreversible damage done to your vehicle.

Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

This is the dreaded light that many drivers hate to see. One of the most common signs of distributor problems is when your check engine light comes on. Although this can signal a number of factors, it’s always wise to have your specialist check your distributor. Because this issue may not readily be apparent to the naked eye, a trained specialist can spot this in their initial diagnosis.

How to Avoid Distributor Issues

It’s vital to keep your car well-maintained in order to avoid unnecessary issues. Such include getting routine oil changes and services. Your mechanic should be able to detect potentially dangerous issues before they reach total fatality. Keep a close watch on how your car is driving. If you notice any drastic changes, immediately take it to a specialist. This will help you to alleviate any potential damage or engine failure.

It’s also important to keep a keen eye on your distributor cap. Usually, this is one of the primary culprits to total engine failure. Often times unnecessary erosion leads to this part failing. In addition, excess build up on this cap leads to irreversible distributor damage. That’s why it’s key to keep all parts of your vehicle clean.

How We Can Help

When your car is going through any mechanical issue, it’s always wise to have a trustworthy mechanic that has your best interests at the forefront. Our specialists at Import Motorworx have been servicing the Lawndale, Culver City, West Los Angeles, and South Bay, CA area for years. Our expertise when it comes to foreign and domestic vehicles is unmatched, especially when it comes to diagnosing distributor issues! If you’re having issues with your vehicle, bring it in to the experts to fix. This will give you the leave of mind you need to keep your car going!

Written by Import MotorWorx