Reasons Behind Head Gasket Leaks in Your Land Rover in Lawndale

Reasons Behind Head Gasket Leaks in Your Land Rover in Lawndale

Land Rovers can easily transition from smooth, well-manicured roads to rugged and uneven terrain without losing an edge in their performance. This formidable performance makes Land Rovers stand out by combining power, performance, and safety. In as much as the Land Rover remains to be a favorite for all kinds of driving environments, it still requires proper servicing and maintenance to ensure that it remains in perfect condition. Unfortunately, regardless of the kind of care that is given to a Land Rover, some problems still remain inevitable and can only be delayed for so long. One such problem is a head gasket leak.

The head gasket is an important device that is located between the cylinders and the engine block within the engine. This device is responsible for ensuring that there is maximum compression on the cylinder heads in order to prevent oil or coolant from leaking into them. The Land Rovers are powered by some of the most powerful engines that enable them to transition so comfortably into difficult terrain and as such the engines need to be functioning perfectly to ensure smooth performance.

Causes of Head Gasket Leaks

It is hardly uncommon for the head gasket in Land Rover to start leaking. These leaks are usually caused by a number of different reasons. Top among these is the usual wear that affects all vehicle components after they have covered hundreds of thousands of miles. This wear can easily be exacerbated by unfriendly conditions, such as harsh weather and extreme temperatures within the engine from the fuel combustion process. Temperature changes in the engine cause expansion and contraction that can easily lead to the development of cracks. These lead to leaks from the head gasket.

Additionally, excessive rough driving can also shorten the lifespan of different car parts; the head gasket included. The Land Rover may be built for endurance, but that is not a guarantee that rough driving will not have any effects of the different components.

Signs of Head Gasket Leaks

Faulty head gaskets are usually accompanied by coolant and oil leaks. You will likely notice brown spots or small puddles under the front end of your car if the oil in your car is leaking. If the coolant is leaking you will notice reddish fluid with a sweet smell underneath your car. There may also be a combination of both fluids leaking at the same time.

Your Land Rover may face extreme temperature in the engine compartment which will cause the temperature gauge on the dashboard of the car to light up. The high temperature is a direct result of low coolant levels, which make it impossible to cool off the engine.

Oil leaks, on the other hand, can cause your Land Rover to have poor fuel economy, which can cause huge dents in your fuel budget as well as interfere with the overall performance of the engine.

How to Fix a Head Gasket Leak

Being a high performance vehicle, a Land Rover requires that the engine is maintained in perfect condition in order for it to run efficiently. Head gasket leaks tend to have devastating effects on the efficiency of the engine and if left unchecked can cause unforeseen damage to the rest of the engine. This is why it is important to seek the help of a professional mechanic as soon as you notice a sign of an oil or coolant leak in your vehicle. Getting a mechanic to diagnose the proper cause of the leak as soon as possible will prevent the head gasket from becoming fully blown. A fully-blown head gasket will not only render your car impossible to drive but also cost a lot more in replacement costs.

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