Maintaining the Air Filter in Diesel Engines

Maintaining the Air Filter in Diesel Engines

When you're pumping gas it's hard not to notice the two fuel options available at most gas stations: regular and diesel. While many would assume diesel fuel is reserved only for tanks and eighteen-wheelers, you might be surprised to hear that many regular cars operate on diesel.

Large vehicles need powerful machines to operate effectively. While traditional engines can power small to medium sized vehicles, large SUV's and trucks require specialized instruments to work properly.

Among those specialized instruments is a diesel engine. Classified as an internal combustion engine, this unit produces energy in a simple way when compared to traditional, gasoline engines.

Diesel engines compress air and gas at large magnitudes. Because of this, having a well-maintained air filtration system is vital for superior performance. If you have or are interested in purchasing a vehicle with a diesel engine, it's important to understand how to effectively care for this system.

Understand the Role of Your Air Filter

The first step to maintaining your air filter is to understand its role. Diesel engines operate off of two components: fuel and air. By taking air from the outside and combining it with gas, the engine runs smoothly without overpowering the vehicle. In order for the engine to effectively run, the air taken from the outside must be free from dirt and debris. The role of the filter is to catch any excess debris to prevent it from tainting the engine.

How Often Should You Change the Filter?

Much like an HVAC filter, air filters in diesel engines need to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. It's recommended to inspect your filter every 12,000 miles. This works to make sure debris, dirt, and moisture aren't tainting the integrity of your system.

Consistently change your filters to avoid accumulation of dirt and debris. This will keep your car operating smoothly and free from mechanical issues. Keep an eye on any slight changes in your vehicle's behavior. This could be an indication that you need to change your air filter.

How Can You Change the Filter?

There are countless video tutorials that showcase how to properly change a diesel filter. While most auto shops sell the necessary parts, it's always best to let a professional handle this task. Should you accidentally install the wrong type of filter, this could cost you thousands of dollars in repair.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Filter?

One of the first signs of a faulty air filter is a decrease in gas mileage. The next is a reduction in power. If you notice that your car is taking quite a while to rev up in comparison to when you first purchased it, have a professional take a look at your filtration system. There may be too much debris i the filter, impacting its performance.

Riding with clogged filters can dramatically damage your engine. Imagine trying to breathe with a thick cloth over your face -- it’s going to block a lot of your air and make it hard for you to be very active. The same is true with dirty, clogged filters. When you neglect to change this important filter, you're increasing your risk of engine failure.

As mentioned, dirty filters impact your gas mileage. You may fill your tank up one day, only to have to refill it again in a few days, with far fewer miles driven than you might have expected. This weighs heavily on your bank account and damages how your car operates. You would hate to run out of gas while driving simply because you did not change your air filter.

How We Can Help

Since the air filters in your engine dramatically impact how well your car performs, it's important to keep it well-maintained. One of the best ways to do that is to find a reliable auto shop that can handle your specific vehicle, whether you need basic maintenance or more in-depth service.

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