Leading Factors for Oil Sludge Build-Up in a Volkswagen

Leading Factors for Oil Sludge Build-Up in a Volkswagen

Volkswagens have been popular with drivers for generations. With distinctively classic designs like the Beetle and the Camper van, VW cars are as much a pop culture icon as they are fantastically practical and hardworking cars. They are unlikely to ever fail their owners. However, without the correct maintenance standards, even the most loyal of vehicle can begin to have problems. One of the factors that is a direct result of poor maintenance is oil sludge buildup. This should be avoided at all costs. In this article, we will discuss oil sludge buildup and how to avoid it.

What is oil sludge and what problems can it cause for my VW?

Oil sludge can also be called engine sludge. It is a build up of deposits, such as broken down or expired oils as well as contaminants. This build up of sludge loves to form around the engine, particularly settling around moving parts.

A direct impact of oil sludge is the under-lubrication of your engine and its vital moving components. The sludge will create a blockade, where fresh oil cannot pass through. Without proper lubrication, the moving parts of your engine system with become stiff and cease up, dramatically reducing engine function and greatly increasing the possibility of complete engine failure.

Preventing Oil Sludge Buildup

Preventing oil sludge buildup through strong maintenance standards is essential, because if it is allowed to coalesce, it can become very difficult to remove. Follow the advice below to help ensure your engine is free of oil sludge.

Don’t Scrimp on Engine Oil

While money can be tight sometimes, meaning we’re all looking to score a bargain, when it comes to your engine oil, bargain hunting is best avoided. Cheap oil may seem like a great idea at first, but it will usually fail faster than quality oil. Cheap oil also can be high in contaminants, also lacking in beneficial additives and conditioners. Therefore, it is always best to invest in well-known, high-quality oil, as directed by Volkswagen or your mechanic.

Change your Oil as Directed

Expired oil will break down quickly, forming clogs and sediment buildups. These can create blockages. You should ensure that your oil is changed as advised by your mechanic or your Volkswagen owner's manual.

Clogged Oil Filter

The oil filter is intended to catch contaminants and deposits as they enter the engine system, preventing them from circling the engine and causing sludge. However, if this part is worn out or blocked with sludge itself, it will be unable to do this vital job. Make sure your oil filter is well maintained and replaced as needed, as part of your regularly-scheduled servicing.

Stop-and-Go Driving

Stop-and-go driving is where a vehicle takes a short trip with several stops along the way. Typical examples of this include the work commute as well as the school run. Because the engine is being forced to stop and start repeatedly and isn’t allowed to run consistently for a good period of time, it puts extra stress upon it and its related systems. This contributes to sludge buildup as well as deterioration in the engine compartment. Where possible, you should try to limit this type of driving or vary between short commutes and long drives.

Sludge Removers

Sludge removers can be bought from many auto shops and can be used easily at home by following the directions listed on the package. However, while some mechanics swear by these products, others are adamant about their inefficiency. Trying this type of product can be useful for those who regularly find themselves plagued with sludge, as it might offer a viable solution to this problem.

Oil Sludge Remediation from Import Motorworx

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