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Your MINI’s excellent handling and your exceptional driving experience is only made possible by a quality set of tires and accurate wheel alignment. As you zip in and out of traffic and hug every corner, it’s your tires that are gripping the road and keeping you safe. When our technicians perform tire and alignment services for your MINI Cooper, we make sure your tires are always in optimal condition and the wheel alignment is set to factory specs. Let the Import MotorWorx team monitor your MINI’s tire condition with timely tire rotations, balancing, and periodic Laser Alignments. Bring your MINI’s tire service needs to the experts at Import MotorWorx.

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We use state-of-the-art Hunter Laser Alignment machines to ensure that you’re receiving the best quality service available. While enjoying your MINI’s exhilarating performance, you may run into tire trouble that temporarily sidelines you. Import MotorWorx is your one-stop Mini Cooper pit stop for quick and convenient tire and alignment services. Our technicians can do effective tire plugging and patching that will keep you zipping in and out of traffic until you get a fresh set of tires. We can help you find the best set of tires for your driving needs. The key to the enhancement of your MINI driving experience is the right set of tires. Your MINI handles and takes corners like a miniature sports car, but it’s the premium set of tires that make it possible. After you purchase from the best selection of tires for your MINI, we can mount and maintain them so you get the most out of your tires. Our team of experts will make sure your tire life is extended with routine tire rotations, tire balancing and laser alignments. Import MotorWorx even erases unsightly tire wall curb scrapes with our wheel refinishing that uses OEM paint and clear coat formulas. Even your MINI’s old and road-tested wheels can look like new.

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Your MINI Cooper will eventually need tire service because all the fun on the highway will wear down your tires. Import MotorWorx should be your first choice for any of your MINI’s services, especially tires. Quality tire maintenance will always enhance your MINI driving experience, and we’re the best MINI service provider in this area! Call us today to set up an appointment and we’ll provide the tire services and sales that will keep your fun on the road!