MINI Oil Change

MINI Cooper Oil Changes in Lawndale, California

Let Your MINI Make Its Mark

Where Maintenance Meets Affordability

At Import MotorWorx, whenever we have a MINI Cooper drive through our service doors we can’t help but smile. Their playful design makes them immediately identifiable, and people can’t help but watch as they drive by. Vehicles that command the attention of the masses deserve proper treatment, starting with regular oil changes. After all, there is a reason why people call oil the lifeblood of any vehicle. Without it, a vehicle can’t run for long without withstanding severe, and sometimes permanent, damage. So, when that oil grows old, it can become counterproductive. It can strip the inner metal lining of your entire engine one sliver at a time. It can lock up major systems and components that require replacement to function properly. Overheating. Sludge buildup. Filter detriment. The list goes on as to what old oil can do if left in a car for too long. So, why put your luxurious MINI Cooper through all of that? Every 4,000-to-6,000 miles, you should be booking your MINI for an oil change. So, if you have to do it that frequently, you might as well do it with the area’s #1 trustworthy luxury European auto repair shop.