BMW Oil Change

BMW Oil Changes in Lawndale, CA

Preserve Your BMW’s Engine — Import MotorWorx

Your BMW will maintain its strong engine performance when it receives timely oil changes. The oil change is the most important maintenance for getting stronger and longer performance out of your engine. At Import MotorWorx in Lawndale and serving Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, we treat your BMW like a special vehicle, because at Import MotorWorx it’s the only vehicle that matters. Your oil change maintenance schedule is designed around the specific needs of a BMW. General repair shops will perform their oil changes in the same fashion and time intervals as other vehicles. Our expertise is unmatched because all we concern ourselves with is your BMW. Your BMW’s services should come to our qualified techs first, and your oil changes are no different. Drivers will often delay their oil change services because of cost and inconvenience. This will cause undue stress on your BMW’s engine and compromise the performance on your engine. Failing to change your engine’s oil in a timely manner will cause it to work harder than necessary and make it prone to overheating. Your BMW will also experience diminished fuel efficiency.