How to Maintain the Muffler Bracket in Your Car

There are main components in your vehicle that contribute to its overall performance, and these components often take up so much of our maintenance and repair efforts that we rarely think about the smaller parts that hold everything together. The nuts, bolts, and seals in our cars are critical to the car’s performance too—they make the essential components stable enough to function properly at all times. When something goes wrong with these stabilizing parts, it can cause catastrophic damage to the more critical pieces, and can cause our cars to become unreliable and even unsafe.

One of these “nuts and bolts” pieces that we rarely think about is underneath your car, making it even less significant of a topic in our everyday lives. The muffler bracket, also known as the exhaust hanger, plays an important function for all vehicles, and it’s essential that this part remains in working order at all times. If you’re noticing concerning symptoms in your car’s performance, it might have something to do with the muffler bracket. Here’s a little more information about what a muffler bracket does for your car, how to detect when something is going wrong, and how to prevent issues from occurring.

What is a muffler bracket and why is it important?

A muffler bracket might sound like an insignificant part of your vehicle in the grand scheme of things, but its role is essential to the functioning of your exhaust system and for preventing damage to other parts of your car. The muffler bracket, or exhaust hanger, is what keeps the muffler and other exhaust piping held up against the bottom of your vehicle. In other words, it keeps the entire system from falling and dragging on the road beneath you. Your exhaust system and muffler are especially susceptible to damage when cars are lower to the ground, so it becomes particularly important to gauge whether or not your muffler bracket can keep up on its end of the bargain in keeping these parts away from the ground.

Symptoms of a broken muffler bracket

The symptoms of a broken muffler bracket are concerning for any driver, and must be taken seriously to avoid safety hazards and expensive repair work. If you notice a clunking sound when going over speed bumps, your exhaust piping could be bouncing against the bottom of your car. Even worse, if you hear a dragging sound as you begin to drive, the exhaust system could be dragging along the ground beneath you. If you notice either of these symptoms, you should bring your car to an automotive specialist immediately for inspection. Sometimes just the muffler bracket will need to be replaced or repositioned, but other times damages may be significant enough to address the need to repair the entire exhaust system.

Ongoing Inspections

Keeping up with routine maintenance should always include ongoing inspections. Following the recommended maintenance plan set forth by your vehicle’s manufacturer is a great way to keep your car in excellent working order according to the standards of the same people who designed your vehicle. However, sometimes the designated maintenance schedule simply doesn’t fit our lives—including our typical driving habits and conditions. It’s important to consult with your automotive specialist on what makes the most sense for you in terms of routine maintenance. Having your vehicle inspected every few months to monitor your vehicle’s overall health is a great way to prevent issues from occurring, and to make sure that the “nuts and bolts” including the muffler bracket are serving their purpose well.

Why it’s important to hire a specialist

European import vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and Audi require specialized services that should enlist the help of professionals who have expertise and experience working with such vehicles. The professionals here at Import Motorworx have an extensive background and education in working with European imports. Serving the areas of West Los Angeles including Lawndale, Culver City, and South Bay, CA, we have a diverse clientele and have seen it all. The nuts and bolts that go into the engineering of your vehicle are what contribute to the overall integrity of your driving experience. Therefore, when inspecting the exhaust system it’s important that your automotive technician also thoroughly evaluates the strength of the muffler bracket. If you are experiencing the symptoms of a faulty exhaust hanger, please contact us directly to schedule an immediate inspection.

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