Headlight Bulb Harness Failure in Your Volkswagen

Headlight Bulb Harness Failure in Your Volkswagen

Auto maintenance is often completely overlooked by drivers, but it can be helpful to prioritize maintenance tasks in terms of how problematic they can be for your safety on the road. Some maintenance tasks, such as brake repair work, is certainly of more immediate performance than exterior paint care, for instance. In Volkswagen vehicles, it is common for headlight bulbs to fail prematurely, which can pose a significant safety risk on the road. There are several potential causes of premature headlight failure, but in VW cars, usually the problem is related to the bulb harness functionality. The bulb harness in your Volkswagen’s headlights must be replaced in order for your them to function properly again. In this article, we’ll go over the indicators that your bulb harness could be failing and what you can do to fix the problem.

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Volkswagen’s Headlights

As we mentioned before, your Volkswagen’s headlights are critical to your overall safety on the road. Of course, your headlights contribute to your nighttime visibility—you’re able to see things better from farther distances, and therefore others are better able to see you from far away too. Maintaining your headlights requires paying attention to how well they serve their purpose and following your VW’s routine schedule of maintenance.

Symptoms of Harness Failure

If you begin to notice that your Volkswagen’s headlights aren’t functioning as well as they once did, it’s important to address the issue right away to ensure you’re safety. A VW professional will not only be able to detect when your headlights aren’t working properly, but they’ll be able to perform a diagnostic procedure that can isolate the source of the problem. The following symptoms are characteristic of bulb harness failure in your VW’s headlights:

Flickering Headlights

Flickering headlights are a precursor to eventual total failure. Your headlight bulb harness is comprised of smaller, intricate pieces that can become damaged or can wear out over time, which slowly cause the headlights to fail. Flickering headlights can serve as a warning before they completely fail.

Dimming Lights

Similarly to flickering headlights, you might notice that your VW’s lights begin to progressively dim more and more over time. While this could be related to the bulb itself, the bulb harness could also be the culprit. Dimming headlights don’t offer the same power and efficiency that good quality headlights do, so it’s important to get the problem fixed quickly.

Headlights Won’t Turn On

Of course, bulb harness failure will eventually lead to total headlight failure. It is unsafe to drive your car without working headlights during adverse weather conditions or at night, so it’s best to bring your VW in as soon as possible. You could even get pulled over and ticketed by law enforcement.

What You Can Do to Prevent Total Bulb Harness Failure

Certain Volkswagen models experience bulb harness failure sooner than others, so it’s important to keep an eye on how your VW’s headlights are functioning. Preventing bulb harness failure requires frequent visits to your VW specialist so they can help you detect signs of diminished power capacity in your headlights over time. This way, they can cut off the problem before it begins by performing a differential diagnosis, isolating the cause of the issue, and replacing the bulb harness before failure occurs. Following replacement procedures designated by the manufacturer is recommended for optimal headlight functioning, but it’s also recommended to consult with your own Volkswagen specialist.

How We Can Help You

The Volkswagen specialists here at Import Motorworx have provided exceptional quality automotive services for residents all over the areas of Lawndale, Culver City, West Los Angeles, and South Bay, CA. Volkswagens require a higher standard of care and expertise, as most German-engineered vehicles do. As a dealership alternative, we offer the same high quality specialized services without the hefty price tag. We guarantee all our work with a 36-month or 36,000-mile warranty—another reason our clients continue coming back for our quality care. Headlight issues in VW cars are common, and we have a specific repair protocol to address the source of the problem on the first try. If you’re experiencing headlight issues in your own Volkswagen, it is imperative to have it fixed right away to ensure your safety. Please contact us directly to learn more about our pricing, or to schedule an inspection right away.

Written by Import MotorWorx