Engine failure in a 2011 BMW 650i due to ingestion of oil change sticker

BMW Engine Failure

Beware of the low cost oil change. It may be the most expensive one you ever have. Master Technician Wayne from Import MotorWorx South Bay explains what happened.

Transcript of video:

Hello, my name is Wayne, I’m the lead technician at Import MotorWorx South Bay. We have a 2011 BMW 650i with the N62 Hotvee V8 engine. This vehicle came in with quite a loud lower end knock under heavy load. We slotted the vehicle to inspect the engine oil to look for bearing material in the oil pan, which we did in fact find. However, getting closer to the cause of what made the engine fail was that we found the laminated engine oil sticker that’s commonly replaced when you have your oil changed was blocking the check screen in the oil pump inside the engine. You know that annoying oil baffle when you’re trying to do your oil change and you get a lot of spit back. This engine doesn’t have that and when they were not being aware with that sticker in their hand, it was accidentally dropped in the oil filler, made it’s way all the way down to the bottom of the engine, making the engine fail.

(Outside voice) This is the engine that failed. This is the replacement. A very expensive oil change.  A footnote to the premature failure of this engine is that it came towed in from one of those economy oil change places that may seem convenient and also price effective, but in the end, you need to trust your car to the professional – the specialist – to have it done right.

Written by Import MotorWorx