MINI Oil Change

MINI Cooper Oil Change in Culver City, California

Small Changes Make Big Improvements

Oil Changes Are Imperative

Here at Import MotorWorx, we know that if there is any preventative maintenance required for your vehicle, it’s an oil change. Changing out the lifeblood of your MINI regularly keeps your car operating at the highest possible standard. If oil changes aren’t performed at specific milestones, the life of your beautiful MINI can be diminished. Oil reduces the wear and tear of metal against metal that takes place throughout your car’s systems. It also helps to mask the hefty sounds that would otherwise come from your engine. And, as if those two things aren’t enough, the slick nature that oil leaves behind helps to transfer heat quickly so that your vehicle doesn’t overheat and leave you stranded on the side of the road. The only downside? Oil age decreases its ability to function correctly. That is why regular oil changes are a necessity to the life of your MINI. Still, have questions? That’s okay! Our ASE-certified experts have all of the answers you seek! Never be afraid to give us a call at (310) 820-8822 to pick our brains with questions you have that require answers.