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Import MotorWorx in Culver City, CA handles your MINI Cooper’s brakes like they need to be handled. Our team performs expert brake repairs and maintenance that are perfectly suited for all models of MINI Cooper. Our exclusive experience with all of your MINI’s components makes us keenly familiar with any characteristics of your MINI. All we need is for you to pay close attention to any abnormal performance from your braking system. Then, bring your MINI to our facility first, because we’ll know how to make sure you’re stopping, starting, and slowing down efficiently. Your MINI Cooper engine’s powerful performance requires an effective braking system to enhance your driving experience. We keep you safely on the road by performing complete brake inspections that will recognize any potential problems. When you notice a high-pitched noise coming from your brakes, that means it’s time to bring your vehicle to Import MotorWorx. Your brake pads are designed to alert you when the pads have worn too low, with a squealing noise when you apply the brakes. This is an early warning sign, and cautious MINI owners will be proactive by seeking the Import Motorworx brake specialists at Import Motorworx.

MINI Cooper Brakes and Maintenance Specialists

Drivers should be careful not to let this squealing noise go unattended for too long. If you drive with a loud car stereo playing or excess noise in your cabin, then the high-pitched alert may go unnoticed. However, other vehicles and nearby pedestrians will certainly notice. When your MINI’s brakes reach emergency status, you will start to hear a grinding or scraping noise when you apply your brakes. You should immediately stop driving your MINI, and bring it to Import Motorworx for service. Not every warning sign is audible. Some warning signs you can actually feel in the steering wheel or in the brake pedal. A slight vibration or shaking may occur when you apply your brakes. This is also the perfect time to pay us a visit. Our experts will perform a thorough inspection that gives you an accurate diagnosis of your braking system’s condition. We can repair any damages or malfunctions to your brakes, using the best quality parts, and follow-up services.

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The Import MotorWorx team is anxiously waiting to serve their fellow MINI Cooper lovers. We share the same passion and pursuit of the perfect driving experience. Your brakes are key to that end and the key to keeping you and your passengers safe. Give us a call today at (310) 820-8822, and our experts will get the service bay ready for your arrival. We make scheduling your brake service appointment quick and convenient with our online scheduling system. We gladly accept walk-ins, so stop by anytime!