Are You Facing Issues With Your Mercedes's Oil Pressure Switch in Lawndale?

Are You Facing Issues With Your Mercedes’s Oil Pressure Switch in Lawndale?

Mercedes is one of the best vehicle manufacturers in the world. Yet, even the best can have a few issues. A common issue in Mercedes vehicles is a failing oil pressure sensor. Here are a few ways of knowing if that’s the problem plaguing your Mercedes.

What is the oil pressure switch and what does it do?

The oil pressure switch or sensor is responsible for monitoring the pressure of the oil in the engine and connected mechanisms. Once measured, the pressure sensor sends information to the gauge on the dashboard, which will alert you when necessary. The oil pressure switch also directly regulates oil flow throughout the engine. That said, failure of the oil pressure switch could result in further damage to the engine, as the ability to alert the driver to low oil pressure and direct control of oil flow are impaired.

How to Know When Your Oil Pressure Switch is Going Bad

Failure of the oil pressure switch is a well-known problem in Mercedes vehicles throughout several models, but not one which can’t be solved. If the oil pressure warning light has not been turned on yet, here are a few other symptoms to look for:

Check Engine Light

The oil pressure switch governed by the engine control unit (ECU). The signal for a failing oil pressure switch is sent first to the ECU. The ECU then determines whether to illuminate the warning light. A compromised oil pressure switch will not allow the oil pressure light to be on, while the check engine light may still be activated.

Inconsistent readings on the oil pressure gauge

The gauge may be reading in extremes, very high or zero. If one of these measurements is not shown, yet the reading frequently changes, this still may be an indication of a faulty oil pressure switch, as its capability to properly monitor oil pressure levels in the engine is compromised.

Oil leaks

A faulty oil pressure light or oil pressure sender may leak oil from the engine. However, leaking engine oil can be indicative of many existing problems.

High engine temperatures

To keep the engine cool, oil pressure has to stay consistent. With a faulty oil pressure sensor, the ECU is unable to alter pressure when needed, which can lead to the engine overheating.

Because the core functionality of the oil pressure switch is compromised, you cannot be certain of the severity or accuracy of any of these symptoms. Upon observation of any of these symptoms, contact your trusted local mechanic at Import Motorworx.

Can I continue driving even with a bad oil pressure switch?

We strongly recommend that you do not continue driving your vehicle with a bad oil pressure switch. A bad oil pressure switch may be indicative of many things, some of them not urgent, others potentially dangerous, as they may result in engine failure. Because of the many possible implications of a failing oil pressure switch, it is never a good idea to ignore any of the above warning signs or symptoms. A faulty oil pressure switch is not dependable for oil pressure and engine alerts. You cannot know for sure the urgency with which service is needed.

For example, an oil leak, listed above as a symptom of a bad oil pressure switch, may only be a temporary problem. In this circumstance, as long as service is scheduled soon, you can drive a relatively short distance after a warning light comes on, such as your short work commute.

On the other hand, a low oil level or a failing oil pump would be reasons for an oil pressure or check engine alert. Ignoring these problems can directly result in engine failure due to overheating and excessive friction in engine mechanisms.

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