How to Repair a BMW 3 Series Ball Joint Failure

How to Repair a BMW 3 Series Ball Joint Failure

The BMW 3-Series is a special and unique car. They have been around for over 40 years and continue to be one of the most popular sport sedan. People prefer the BMW 3 Series because of its performance and its slee design. When you invest in a BMW 3 Series, you know you are investing in a car that will perform up to the standards that you expect it to and maybe even more.

After investing in a BMW 3 Series, there will come a time where work needs to be done on it. This is true for every car, no matter the make of the model. As the BMW 3 Series gets older, there will be mechanical and even electrical issues that come up. One of the issues that comes up in many BMWs is ball joint related. By reading this you will learn about the ball joint and how to repair it.

The Ball Joint and Its Functions

A ball joint is a part of the car’s suspension. It is the part that is used to connect the steering knuckle to the control arms to provide you with a safe drive. Ball joints are similar in look and function to the human hip.joint. With the ball joint connecting the necessary parts, the suspension of your BMW 3 Series will function properly, helping provide you with a smooth ride. The ball joint will also ensure that you are able to have precise control over your BMW 3 Series at all times.

In order to keep your ball joint from wearing down, it should always be properly lubricated. If they are not then your BMW 3 Series will be subject to other issues in addition to needing to replace the ball joints. The ball joints help to ensure that the wheels are able to have maximum contact with the ground, which then allows for a smoother and safer drive. If the ball joints are failing then it is more likely that your BMW 3 Series will have a difficult time staying aligned.

How to Repair the Ball Joint

You can repair the ball joint in your BMW 3 Series yourself if you have previous mechanic skills and the proper equipment. All you have to do is follow this step by step guide.

  1. Jack the car up and take off the wheels and the skid plates.
  2. Turn the wheel in the direction that the ball joints will go. So if you are working on the left side then turn the wheel to the left to access where the ball joint will be going.
  3. Use a 19mm wrench to unscrew the ball joint that is behind the wheel and also the one that is closer to the inside of the car
  4. You will put a bar between the ball joint and the control arm. Using a hammer, you will hit this point until the control arm falls off
  5. Because the ball joints are connected to the control arm, the entire control arm will have to be replaced
  6. Using a buddy, you will then realign the ball joints into the part behind the wheel where the old part just came off
  7. Make sure it is tight in place and then replace the wheel and skid plates

If you are not skillful in the art of mechanics, then it is highly suggested that you take your car into a professional to have the ball joints repaired. This will ensure that it is done properly and that you are kept safe.

Going to a Professional

If you are uncertain about any or all steps of this repair then you should take your BMW 3 Series into a skilled mechanic to change the ball joints for you. In order to keep you safe and prevent any other parts from breaking, having one of our professionals at Import Motorworx check out your ball joints is the best way to go.

With easy access from the areas of Lawndale, Culver City, West Los Angeles, and South Bay, CA, it is quick and convenient to bring in your BMW 3 Series to Import Motorworx to have it inspected. A certified technician will use the latest diagnostic technology to quickly identify the issue with the ball joint and give you a reliable, yet affordable repair.

Written by Import MotorWorx