How to Fix Differential Failure in Your Jaguar in Lawndale

How to Fix Differential Failure in Your Jaguar in Lawndale

The last thing that most Jaguar drivers expect in the course of their driving is for their cars to develop mechanical issues. This is mainly because the vehicle’s manufacturer has made it their business to ensure that they only produce good quality and reliable vehicles. These vehicles also cost a pretty penny and so it’s not a surprise that small mechanical problems can be disconcerting to the owners.

Like many other machines with moving parts and lots of small components, the Jaguar is also prone to develop mechanical problems. A common problem that many drivers have complained about in the course of their driving is differential failure.

What the Differential Does

The differential is a mechanical gear device that has interconnected shafts that rotate simultaneously in different directions. In vehicles such as the Jaguar, the differential’s movements make it possible to make smooth turns because it permits the outer drive wheel to spin much faster than the inner drive wheel. With the inner drive wheel and the outer drive wheel rotating at different speeds, the rotational speed of the drive shaft then becomes the average rotation speed of the two separate wheels.

In addition to making it easier to turn, the differential also ensures that the traction in the wheels is sufficient in the turning process so that the wheels remain in contact with the road surface. This is why when the differential fails, the Jaguar becomes unsafe to drive for both the occupants and other road users.

Causes of Differential Failure

Differential failure can be caused by a number of issues. Top on the list of these causes is wear and tear. The differential has gears with toothed surfaces that constantly grind against each other. This makes it easy for the gears to wear out due to friction over time. Once the teeth wear down they can no longer correctly fit into each other in the process of rotating.

Poor lubrication of the gears will also cause the pinion gear teeth to become worn out much faster. The pinion gear can also break easily due to the same poor lubrication. Other possible reasons for broken gear teeth include driving on rough uneven surfaces where the spinning wheels can get stuck on something.

Contamination of the lubricating oil that is used to reduce friction between the pinion gear teeth will also cause the gears to wear out faster. Worn out lubricants will also create the same differential problems.

Effects of Differential Failure

With the important role that the differential plays in conjunction with the transmission, it would be next to impossible not to notice the difference when it fails. Some of the immediate symptoms that your Jaguar will exhibit when the differential fails include:

Unusual noises from the differential

When the differential starts to fail in your Jaguar, you will notice whining noises coming from the car as you drive because the pinion gear teeth will be knocking irregularly against each other. This will particularly be pronounced if the cause of the differential failure is poor lubrication. The noises will be more pronounced when the vehicle accelerates.

Vehicle slipping while driving

This will be felt when negotiating corners because the differential will not be able to maintain the traction in the wheels. This will cause the wheels to slip to one side, which can be very dangerous in the long run.

How to Prevent Differential Failure

The only sure way to help prevent differential failure in your Jaguar is through regular servicing. During this servicing process, it is very important that the differential is cleaned out and that the lubricating oil is totally cleaned out and replaced with new fluid. However, since wear and tear is inevitable even with servicing, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional mechanic if you ever notice the symptoms of differential failure.

As reliable as the Jaguar may be, differential problems can greatly increase the risk of accidents as well as cause extensive damage to the transmission system. This is why at Import Motorworx we take your Jaguar needs very seriously and respond to your queries as fast as possible. We are available to service and repair Jaguars in and around Lawndale, Culver City, West Los Angeles, and South Bay, CA. We assure our customers of quality services from certified technicians as soon as they get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

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