Why Does Your Volkswagen's ABS Module Fail in Culver City?

Why Does Your Volkswagen’s ABS Module Fail in Culver City?

As newer models of Volkswagen vehicles come out, more parts are replaced with technological advances, making your driving experience safer and smoother all around. Though these upgraded features are better than the originals, they can still fail like any other part over time. A common problem with Volkswagen vehicles is the failure of the ABS module. We will go over what that is, what it does, signs that it may be failing, why it fails, and what you can do to resolve the issue.

What is an ABS module and what does it do?

ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. It keeps the wheels from locking when you need to brake more quickly than you usually do. This was designed to prevent your vehicle from hydroplaning, skidding, or sliding. The ABS module adjusts the braking system for optimal function based on what the sensors in the car tell it to do.

Warning Signs of ABS Module Failure

You should pay attention to anything you find unusual happening to your Volkswagen when you drive. Some of the symptoms could indicate the failure of your ABS module. Let’s go over a few of those.

  • Your ABS light will come on. There is a specific light, just like the check engine signal, that you can look at to tell you when something is wrong with your braking system. Some of the other dashboard signs can mean several things, but this particular indicator is pretty specific to the ABS module.
  • Your brakes may lock or behave erratically even when you are not braking hard or quickly. This can be extremely dangerous, so seek a professional mechanic before things get worse and put you and others in danger.
  • The brake pedal will be more difficult to push down. You will stop slowly and may not brake in time to avoid an accident.
  • The worst case scenario and a huge indicator of an ABS problem will be that your brakes fail completely. This usually happens when the repairs and replacements are neglected for a period of time.

Why the ABS Module Fails

There are a few reasons why your ABS module may fail, all of them being due to issues with the sensors. These issues include:

  • Sensors being blocked with debris or dirt. When the sensor is blocked, your module can’t get the information it needs to activate the ABS system.
  • Sensor wires getting damaged or broken. This means a replacement is in order for your Volkswagen vehicle to run safely and brake properly.
  • Metal shavings are contaminating the sensors. This interferes with the signals and the information that can be obtained by the system to keep you safe and the brakes functioning properly.

What You Can Do to Resolve the Issue

It is absolutely crucial that you have your ABS module repaired and the sensors replaced when you first start noticing problems. Even if you are not sure of the root cause of your vehicle’s problems, you have to take it into an auto shop. The professionals there will be able to properly diagnose the issue and fix it before it potentially costs you your life.

Not every mechanic specializes in working on foreign vehicles such as your Volkswagen, and they may not completely address your problems the first time. You could go to a dealership, but you generally have to pay far more there for a fix that someone else can do for less. That can be frustrating and can put you under a lot more stress than it would at another expert shop.

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