When to Replace Your BMW's Ignition Module from Trained Mechanics in Lawndale

When to Replace Your BMW’s Ignition Module from Trained Mechanics in Lawndale

One common issue that happens when your BMW gets older is ignition module failure. When this occurs, you need to replace the module. However, many BMW owners aren’t sure what to look for when it comes to ignition module malfunction. In this article, we’re going to help you recognize the warning signs of BMW ignition module failure so you can get the part replaced when you should. We'll also discuss why it fails and where to go to deal with the problem.

The Function of an Ignition Module

When you turn the key in your BMW’s ignition, it sends a signal to the ignition module. The module, in turn, sparks the ignition coil to start your car. To put it simply, without it, your BMW won’t start.

Warning Signs of Ignition Module Failure

When the ignition module in your BMW begins to malfunction or fail, you will notice some obvious changes in your driving experience. The most major sign of ignition module failure is that your BMW won’t start. Though you turn your key in the ignition, no spark is sent to the coil, and you find that you will not be able to drive anywhere.

One potentially dangerous side effect of ignition module failure is sudden loss of power. Your BMW can stall while driving, and you won’t be able to start it again. This can happen anywhere. The cause could be due to corrosion or otherwise damaged wires. While there are multiple causes behind this symptom, a malfunctioning ignition module is a likely culprit.

One more subtle sign that your BMW’s ignition module is failing is that your car will overheat. Again, this has many potential causes, but if you are already having issues with stalling or sudden loss of power, module failure is all the more likely.

Reasons Behind Ignition Module Failure

If you are dealing with ignition module failure, there are a few reasons why it could have happened. Let’s talk about that.

If you have had your BMW for a long time, it is entirely possible that your ignition module has failed due to regular wear and tear. Nearly every part of your BMW will have to be replaced at some point due to regular use. When you drive, these parts heat up and get damaged over time. This is an inevitable issue when driving any vehicle no matter the brand. All you can do is recognize the signs of failure and get your ignition module replaced as soon as possible.

One issue that causes ignition module failure in a BMW is a lack of regular vehicle maintenance. Your BMW has a specific maintenance schedule that you should be following if you want to keep it running at optimal conditions for a long time. When you neglect to do so, debris piles up and more damage occurs over time than it should.

Whether you have neglected the maintenance schedule or not, debris may pile up inside of your BMW and damage the ignition module. When the module is dirty, the wires connecting it to your car corrode and cause it to fail.

When to Replace Failing Ignition Module

The right time to replace your vehicle’s ignition module is whenever you notice the signs of malfunction or failure. This should be done as soon as possible if you don’t want to cause further damage to your BMW overall.

This is why it is incredibly important to note any and all changes in your driving experience, no matter how inconsequential they seem. Even subtle signs add up, and if you neglect to address the issue promptly, you could find yourself stranded with a car that doesn’t start.

Where to Replace BMW Ignition Module

If your BMW’s ignition module is failing or has failed, you need to find a team of trained mechanics immediately. The professionals located at Import Motorworx have the experience and expertise needed to repair and replace failing parts in your fine European vehicle without making you pay dealership prices.

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