Reasons Behind AirMatic System Failure in Mercedes Benz

Reasons Behind AirMatic System Failure in Mercedes Benz

When you thick of Mercedes Benz, you immediately think of class. You also think of durability and performance, The Mercedes Benz has been around for a little over 90 years. That is a long time to make enhancements to performance and to style. These enhancements and changes care be seen in every different model of Mercedes Benz you look at. When deciding to purchase a Mercedes Benz, you know that you will be getting a car that is top of the line. Only the best and newest technologies go into the Mercedes Benz. One of those technologies is the AirMatic system.

What is an AirMatic System?

One of the newest and most innovative technology that is now used in Mercedes Benz is called the AirMatic system. The AirMatic system is an adaptable air suspension that will allow for each wheel to self-adjust depending on the type of terrain you are driving on. The AirMatic system also takes into account the type of weather you are driving in and how that impacts the terrain.

The wheels will adapt differently to a smooth paved road on a sunny day and a gravel road that is wet with rain. The AirMatic system is able to do this very quickly and on its own so you don't even notice it happening. This will allow for a smooth drive on any type of road in and type of condition. The AirMatic takes the pressure off of you, the driver, when the driving conditions are varied.

Symptoms of a Failing AirMatic System

Like any new technology or car part, over time there becomes a chance that the system may begin to fail. One of the ways that you will know if the AirMatic system is failing is if there is an issue with the strut. When there is an issue with the strut, the Mercedes Benz will begin to sit awkwardly. This means that one of the air springs has failed so that side of the vehicle will sit lower than the rest of the vehicle. The vehicle will look like it is tilting toward one side or toward one corner when the vehicle is sitting on level ground. You will also notice that there is something wrong with the strut when you will have an uneven ride. This will reduce the smooth ride that you are used to when the AirMatic system is working correctly.

A second reason why the AirMatic system could be failing is due to the air compressor failing. In order for the AirMatic to properly self-adjust, the springs need air. If the air compressor has failed, then these springs will not get the air it needs to function properly. Once the air compressor fails, your vehicle will begin to lower closer to the ground, without the ability to raise back up. This will give you a very bumpy ride because the AirMatic system is no longer able to self-adjust to the road and the conditions.

Another way you will notice that the air compressor is failing is when there is a loud noise coming from it when a large load is added to the vehicle. The AirMatic will generally be able to quickly accommodate any additional loads, like heavy items in the trunk or multiple people riding in the vehicle at once. The moment the air compressor begins to fail, then you will hear a loud noise as your Mercedes Benz tries to compensate for the added weight. So not only will the vehicle sag, it will also make a loud noise that you have probably never heard before.

Fixing the AirMatic System

Being able to properly diagnose what is happening with the AirMatic system can sometimes be difficult, so it is best to take your Mercedes Benz into a professional. At Import Motorworx, our certified technicians will use the latest technology to determine where the exact problem is coming from.

With two locations that can be easily accessed from the Lawndale, Culver City, West Los Angeles, and South Bay, CA areas, we will take care of your Mercedes Benz as if it were our own. We value the relationship that we build with each of our customers and this can be seen when they keep coming back with any issue. No matter what the problem is, we will always give your Mercedes Benz quality maintenance service, while still focusing on the uniqueness of your vehicle.

Written by Import MotorWorx