Gear Selector Bushing Failure in Lawndale Land Rovers

Each and every Land Rover is a unique vehicle that has been created to exceed performance standards that have been set for their class. The Land Rover is a vehicle used for everyday driving as well as off-road vacations and adventures. Purchasing a Land Rover indicates to all that you plan on exploring and potentially paving new paths in front of you. The Land Rover is a vehicle that tells the road where to go. In order to keep your Land Rover at the performance level required to have fun, all parts have to be properly working together. One important part that should be kept in mind is the gear selector bushing.

The gear selector bushing is located at the end of the gear selector or shifter. It is used to connect the gear selector to the shifter rail. The bushing is used as a tight connection between the two parts in order to maintain smooth shifting between gears while still maintaining a sturdy grip to the shifter rail. As you can see, this part is key to ensuring that you are able to successfully and smoothly change gears. Below you will learn information regarding what signs, symptoms, and causes to look for if the gear selector bushing is beginning to or has failed.

Wear and Tear

The largest cause of the gear selector bushing failing is wear and tear. The longer you have your Land Rover, the more wear and tear you will put on all the parts in the vehicle. The gear selector bushing is no exception. Whether your Land Rover has an automatic or manual transmission, the gears are constantly in motion, and they are constantly being changed. When you have an automatic transmission, you don’t think about the gears changing as much as you would if your Land Rover has a manual transmission. Either way, the gear selector is almost always moving, and because the bushing is at the end of the selector, by default, it is constantly moving as well.

All this friction and movement can cause the bushing to wear out since it is also connected to the shifter rail. If you are noticing that you are having trouble shifting the gears, putting your Land Rover into gear, or the shifting is not as smooth as it once was, you should bring your Land Rover in for servicing. It may be that the bushing is in need of some attention and requires replacing.

Bushing Alignment

A second cause that you should be aware of when it comes to gear selector bushing failure is the alignment on the shifter rail. This cause is not as common as the one above, but still worth the mention and can be seen in addition to the cause above. If the bushing gets to become worn down, there is a small potential that the bushing could come out of alignment. When the bushing is worn down, the solid grip that it has on the shifter rail will begin to loosen. Even if the gear selector bushing moves the tiniest bit, it can have a severe effect on the way your Land Rover shifts gears. With this part being no longer aligned, the potential for other parts connected to the shifter to become damaged is greater. Even if just one part is out of alignment, other parts around it will be negatively impacted.

Repairing the Bushing

It can be difficult to tell if there is actually an issue with the gear selector bushing and not another piece in that area. In order to determine this, you should leave it up to the trained mechanics at Import Motorworx. All you need to do is bring your Land Rover into us if you begin to have trouble with shifting. We are easily accessed from the areas of Lawndale, Culver City, West Los Angeles, and South Bay, CA.

You deserve to have caring, professional technicians service your Land Rover with dealership qualities without the expensive price. While your Land Rover is being inspected with the latest diagnostic tools, you can keep your busy life going by taking advantage of our free shuttle or discounted rental car rates. Once the gear selector bushing in your Land Rover has been repaired, you can rest well, knowing that the service was exceptional, and it didn’t break the bank.

Written by Developer Autoshop