BMW Wheel Alignments in Lawndale, CA & Culver City, CA

Precision Wheel Alignment Services -- Import MotorWorx

Many roads in California are in very bad condition, particularly in the Los Angeles region, so driving on them can cause your alignment to be affected. To protect your investment in your BMW, it is very important that your wheel alignment be checked and set at least once a year, if not more often. The occasional impact with a pothole will cause your wheel alignment to progressively get worse. At Import MotorWorx, we recommend that an alignment be completed yearly at a minimum and that tire pressures be checked about every 60 days. To perform that service, we recently installed a high-precision Hunter Alignment Machine that was designed to meet BMW’s stringent specifications. We also carry a full range of tires, both run-flat and conventional for your BMW. We can perform a 4 wheel alignment at half the cost of your BMW Dealer.

Run-Flat Tires

Over the last few years, BMW has been fitting run-flat tires to an increasing number of their production models to provide safety with optimum performance and space saving capabilities. These tires don’t come cheap. Average run-flats can cost upwards of $350 each on the larger model BMWs. Misaligned wheels not only affect your vehicle’s handling characteristics but also cause premature tire wear. The effects on your quality tire performance can be far reaching. A common characteristic of these tires that we have noticed is that they can lose up to 4 Psi during a given month. Sometimes they have such thick sidewalls, it is impossible to look at your tire and notice that it is low on pressure. If this goes unchecked for a few months, excessive tire wear will occur.

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