Audi Oil Change

Audi Oil Changes in Lawndale, California

Where Your Driving Habits Matter

Fluid Changes Are Important

We all had it drilled into our heads growing up: get your oil changed regularly! It’s one of the first and most paramount things we learn as beginning drivers trying to navigate this great, big world. But those people were right. The greatest thing anyone can do to their vehicle, including an Audi, is getting the oil changed. Fresh oil provides necessary lubrication and heat distribution so that your engine doesn’t overheat and helps with things like gas efficiency. If your engine doesn’t have to work as hard, neither does your gas tank. Simple, right? And yet, so many people let it go until the very last moment, which only creates larger issues along the line. So, when exactly should you get the oil changed in your Audi? The answer is simple and has everything to do with your driving habits.